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Cryptsy, cryptocurrency exchange

Paul Vernon, Cryptsy’s CEO, Seems To Have Flown To China

Bitcoin News Channel has just managed to dig up exclusive news regarding Cryptsy, the cryptocurrency exchange whose customers are currently unable to withdraw their coins out of its platform. Paul Vernon, the CEO of Cryptsy, seems to have just flown to Liaoning, China, according to an IP and geolocation report that has just been sent to Bitcoin News Channel BNC an hour ago.

Here is a part of the email sent to us earlier today, by someone who calls himself “BigVern Buster”:

I have been following the IP address of Paul Vernon for a few weeks now, using IP address resolvers for one of his social media accounts and instant messaging applications. Today, Paul Vern has signed in from an IP address located in China ( The geolocation data from EurekAPI denote that this IP address is broadcast from a city called Dalian, located in Liaoning, China. The location corresponds to a latitude of 38.9122 and a longitude of 121.6022. The ISP of Paul Vernon’s new IP address is China Unicom Liaoning.

A Chinese IP address doesn’t necessarily mean that Paul is now in China; however, as I have been following his IP for around a month, he never used a proxy server or a VPN during this period and during 95% of instances, he accessed his social media accounts and made his Skype calls from an IP address located in Florida. So, it is likely that Vern has really flown to China, even though that I can never confirm this.

The following snapshot represents the geolocation data of Paul Vern as sent to us by “BigVern Buster”:

Cryptsy, cryptocurrency exchange

Last Wednesday, Cryptsy’s cryptocurrency trading engine stopped working and withdrawals of all coins were suspended. As we mentioned during our previous article, we executed a “test” bitcoin withdrawal last Wednesday which hasn’t been processed until now. Moreover, we initiated Dogecoin and Ripple withdrawal requests on Thursday, which haven’t also been processed until now.


Paul Vernon, the CEO of Cryptsy, seems to have flown to China according to IP address mapping and geolocation information sent to us earlier today by “BigVern Buster”. Although trading on Cryptsy’s platform is working again, almost all customers can’t withdraw any of their coins out of this seemingly sinking ship.

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